Eco-friendly hand felted cat beds and cat toys for the special cat and unique handmade gifts for cat lover. All the products are handmade and tested under the careful supervision of my cat Musti. If she likes it, your cat is sure to as well.

I love to work with wool. Recently I got a new kitten and discovered that she likes wool as much as I do, so I started to make her special toys to keep her occupied.
I then thought that if she likes the products that I make, perhaps other discerning cats will too.
Musti now helps and supervises in all stages of production, product development and testing.

Please visit my MustiCat shop on Etsy to see more.

Large Felt Balls and Orbs
Felted Wool Balls are not just for cats. Big people like them too.

Magical Cosmic Orb

Magical Cosmic Orb

Magical Cosmic Orb on Etsy.
This 15 cm extra large wool ball has been needle felted using pure merino wool and silk fibres.

Felted Cat Pods

Musticat Felted Cat Bed

MustiKat Felted Cat Bed

Felted Mouse Cat Toys

Felted Cat Toy Balls

Felted Twizzle Snake Cat Toys

Felted Cat Greeting Cards