Saami Tenntråd

Saami tenntrådsbroderi – ancestral crafts in a modern age. Tenntrådsbroderi or Tin Thread embroidery was crafted by the Saami since the 1600’s. The pewter or tin thread was made by melting pewter plates and spinning the tin into yarn. The tin yarn was then used for embroidery to decorate trims for clothing, make jewellery and other items.

Tenntråd Reindeer Leather Bracelets
Sami style braided pewter thread and reindeer leather bracelets and armbands.

Reindeer Leather Purses

Reindeer leather and handmade felt purses decorated with pewter thread embroidery.

Sami Reindeer Leather Medicine Bags

Sami Reindeer Leather Coffee Bag
Traditional Sami style coffee bag made with reindeer leather and tin thread embroidery on handmade felt.

Tenntråd Key Chains
Tenntrådsbroderi and reindeer leather key chains.

Sami Tenntrad and Reindeer Leather Key Ring

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