Paivatar Weaving Studio Workshops

I will be offering beginner and intermediate classes and workshops in hand weaving, hand spinning, feltmaking and dyeing. All workshops will be held in my studio in Chichester, UK. Class sizes will be small so that I can offer individual instruction. Please contact me if you are interested and would like more information about upcoming workshops.
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Paivatar Weaving Studio

Paivatar Weaving Studio

Hand Weaving Classes

Beginner hand weaving classes will be offered on a one-to-one basis tailored to your requirements. Classes are generally 1/2 day in length at a cost of £50 per half day. The material covered will be designed to your weaving level (beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and the style of loom you wish to learn on.

Snickeri Countermarche Loom

Snickeri Countermarche Loom

Some of the techniques to be taught include:

  • How to warp a table loom or a floor loom
  • How to design a weaving project and calculate the amount of yarn you will require
  • How to weave even selvages
  • 4 and 8 shaft pattern weaving
  • A variety of different weaving techniques such as
    Clasped weft, Double weave Pickup, Rya Rug weaving, Towel weaving, Placemats, Woven rag rugs, Woven transparencies, Leno lace weaving, Woven blankets
  • Different finishing techniques appropriate for your project:
    Hem stitching variations, Ladder hem stitching, Trellis hem stitching, Knotting, Twisted fringes, Loom woven fringes
  • Table Loom Weaving

    Beginner Table Loom Weaving Workshop
    This workshops is designed for the beginner weaver who has never woven on a loom before. It allows you to practice on how to weave on rigid heddle and table looms before you decide which type of loom you wish to buy.

    Band Weaving

    Sami Handwoven Band

    Sami Hand woven braid

    Learn to weave narrow braids and bands

  • Card Weaving – How to weave narrow braids using weaving tablets or cards
  • Saami style Band weaving – Learn to weave pickup patterns for narrow braids or bands with a Beaivi style weaving reed.
  • Saami Band Weaving Workshops

    Beginner Saami Pickup Band Weaving Workshop
    How to Warp a Beaivi Double Hole Weaving Reed

    Hand Spinning Workshops

    Kromski Spinning Wheel

    Kromski Spinning Wheel

    Beginner and Intermediate Hand spinning. Participants will need to bring along their own spinning wheel.
    Some of the techniques taught in the series of Hand spinning Workshops will be:

  • Learn to draft and spin an even thread on a spinning wheel.
  • How to spin and make 2 or 3 ply yarns.
  • Carding – How to use the drum carder to make blended yarns and to create different colour blends with the use of the carder.
  • How to spin different types of wool and other fibres such as Merino, Corriedale, Blue Leicester, Romney, Alpaca, Silk, Bamboo
  • How to draft and spin novelty yarns using different spinning techniques: spinning worsted yarns, spinning woollen yarns, core spinning, spinning from the fold.
  • Hand Spinning Workshops

    Learn to SpinThe workshop for the beginner hand spinner.
    Learn to Use a Drum CarderHow to use a drum carder to create new colours and Yarns.
    Plied and Cabled YarnsHow to spin plied and cabled yarns.
    Simply Sumptuous SpinningA surprise selection of different fibres to spin.

    Hand Dyeing

    Hand Dyed Yarns

    Hand Dyed Yarns

    For the beginner dyer who wishes to learn how to safely dye yarns and create new colours.

  • How to dye yarns and spinning fibres using environmentally friendly acid (vinegar) based dyes
  • How to dye and create your own unique colour pallete using the 3 prime dye colours
  • How to use mordants and dyes using plants and fungi
  • Eco-printing onto silk using leaves and bark
  • Dye Workshops

    50 Shades of Colour Dye Workshop

    Wet Felting

    Wet Felting Workshop

    Wet Felting Workshop

  • Beginner workshop in wet felting that will cover the basics steps of how to make felt using simple materials of wool, soap and bubble wrap.
  • How to felt a small picture
  • Wet felted Easter eggs, cat toys
  • Wet felt a small purse, wallet, Iphone case or bag using a resist
  • Wet felt an oven mitt and pot holder
  • Felt a cloche style hat, beret, slippers
  • Nuno Felting techniques using silk scarves and merino wool
  • Wet Felting Workshops

    Felted Easter Eggs Workshop Learn to make Easter eggs with needle and wet felting methods.
    Beginner Wet Felting Workshop Learn the basic steps of feltmaking by making a free-form picture of your own design.
    Felt a Picture Workshop Learn the basic steps of feltmaking by making a picture if a flower.
    Felt a Small Case Workshop Learn to felt a small case for your Iphone or sunglasses.
    Felted Oven Mitt Workshop Learn to felt an oven mitt using a resist.
    Felted IPad Case Workshop Learn to felt a case or bag for your IPad or tablet.
    Felted Cloche Style Hat Workshop Learn to felt a cloche style hat using a resist.
    Felted French Beret Workshop Learn to felt a beret style hat using a resist.

    Needle Felting

    Needle Felted Penguin

    Needle Felted Penguin

    Beginner Needle Felting will teach you the basics of needle felting. Workshops will include making small items such as:

  • Cookie cutter needle felted ornaments
  • 3 dimensional needle felted Christmas ornaments
  • Needle felted small animals
  • Needle Felting Workshops

    Felted Easter Eggs Learn to make Easter eggs with needle and wet felting methods.

    Previous Workshops

    Beginner Wet Felting Workshop

    Beginner/Intermediate Felting Workshop – Learn to Felt a Bag.

    Painting with Fibres

    Sunflowers Felt Art

    Sunflowers Felt Art

    Sept 21, 2014 – A beginner wet felting workshop with the FLEWS Group.