Hand dyed, handspun, hand felted, handwoven.
Specializing in hand made bespoke textiles in the Finnish and Saami tradition.

  • Rya Rugs – Hand woven Rya Rugs and rya rug kits
  • Sami Reindeer Bracelets – Sami style reindeer leather and pewter bracelets and bags
  • Sami Bands – Sami style woven bands, belts and braids
  • Sami Shoe Bands or Skallebands
  • Loom Woven Bands – Organic Cotton Bands, Trims, Tape
  • Linen Sauna Towels – Hand woven Finnish style pure linen sauna towels
  • Hand Spun Nalbinding Yarns
  • Felt – Hand felted items: hats, bags, purses
  • Felt Art – Wet felted art
  • Musticat – Hand felted toys for cats and cat lovers
  • Workshops – Learn to weave rugs and fabrics, spin wool, dye yarns, make felt.

  • Päivätär

    In Finnish mythology and the epic poem “Kalevala”,
    Päivätär was the Weaving and Spinning Goddess.

    “Twas the fair maid of the North
    the Land’s famous, water’s choice
    sat on the sky’s collar bow
    upon heaven’s arch
    shimmered in clean clothes
    and in white garments;
    cloth of gold she is weaving
    of silver she is working
    from a gold shuttle
    with a silver reed.
    The shuttle whizzed in her grasp
    in her hand the spool swivelled
    the heddles of copper creaked
    the silver reed slammed
    as the maid wove cloth.”