Rya Rug Backing

Rya Rug Backing

For those who don’t weave but like the plushness of a rya rug I now am able to supply the backing so you can make your own rya.
The backing is woven using a pure linen warp and wool weft.

The backing can be woven in different widths and can be purchased by the meter. The weft is woven in natural white or grey wool.
The warp is pure linen yarn and the weft is 100% wool yarn.
The backing is woven at approx. 15 knots per 10 cm. width.
The spacing between each row is approx. 1.1 cm

Please Note:
I make rya rug backing in batches, a few times year – in between weaving other items. If you would like to place an order, I will add your order to the next rya rug backing warp. If you need a special size, please ask.

Rya Rug Backing
Rya Rug Backing

I also now have available plant dyed rya wool yarns that are suitable for use with this rya backing. Please visit Plant Dyed Rya Rug yarns for more information.

I usually have some of the narrower rya rug backing in stock.
For wider width rya rug backing, please contact me regarding a custom order.

All rya products are Custom orders and require a 50% non-refundable deposit.
This covers my cost of the yarns – should you change your mind and not want the product.
All payments are via Paypal.

Rya Rug Instructions
Here are some instructions on how to sew rya knots onto a pre-woven rya backing fabric.

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