Nalbinding Yarns

Nalbinding is an ancient textile technique that pre-dates knitting. Nalbinding knots are sewn using a large wooden or bone needle by forming interconnecting loops around your thumb.

I hand spin my naalbinding wool yarns in the opposite direction to conventional yarns. First the yarn is spun to the left, and then plied to the right, creating a Z twist yarn. I find this method of hand spinning creates a yarn that is better suited for nalbinding work.

Nalbinding (just like knitting or crochet) can be used to make mittens, hats, slippers, socks, jumpers, bags and other textile items.

Please look for my hand spun nalbinding yarns specially designed for naalbinding, needle knitting, nålbindning, neulakinnas, for sale in my PaivatarYarn Etsy Shop
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