Nalbinding Yarns

Madder Root Nalbinding Yarn

Nalbinding is an ancient textile technique that pre-dates knitting. Nalbinding knots are sewn using a large wooden or bone needle by forming interconnecting loops around your thumb.

My interest in the textile techniques of nalbinding came from my Saami father. My grandmother was a Saami from the Sor-Varanger province of Norway. My father was born in Petsamo and was raised in a small Saami community. He and my mother moved to Canada after the war and settled in British Columbia. My father worked as a commercial fisherman along the west coast of Canada. Before his long fishing trips, my mother would knit him several pairs of woolen hand warmers to keep his hands warm as he worked. My father would quietly comment to me, that he wished that my mother knew how to make the mittens like his mother did. He didn’t really understand how she made them, but he tried to explain that she would wrap the yarn around her thumb and sew it with a large needle. ‘Peukalo kude’ as he described it in Finnish. He said they were much warmer, thicker and more durable. Of course, he never told my mother this as he wouldn’t want to offend her.

I hand spin my naalbinding wool yarns in the opposite direction to conventional yarns. First the yarn is spun to the left, and then plied to the right, creating a Z twist yarn. I find this method of hand spinning creates a yarn that is better suited for nalbinding work.

Nalbinding (just like knitting or crochet) can be used to make mittens, hats, slippers, socks, jumpers, bags and other textile items.

Please look for my hand spun nalbinding yarns specially designed for naalbinding, needle knitting, nålbindning, neulakinnas, for sale in my PaivatarYarn Etsy Shop
or contact me if you would like to discuss a custom order.

Madder Root Nalbinding Yarn
Madder Root Nalbinding Yarn

Due to recent surgery for cancer, there was some nerve damage to my arm, so I am not able to hand spin for any length of time. Perhaps this will improve over time, but for now, I am unable to accept large custom spinning orders. Thank you for your understanding.

I do offer commercially spun yarn (hand dyed) and kits suitable for Naalbinding, knitting, crochet or other craft work.

Nalbinding Hat Kit
Nalbinding Hat Kit

Nalbinding Needles and Starter Sets

I am now able to offer nalbinding needles made of wood or of bone.
These are sold in a starter kit that has been hand stitched using Norwegian wool vadmal.Please visit my shop on Etsy at
The bone needles are approx 9 cm in length. The bone needles have a small eye so are best suited for fine yarns.
The wooden needles are approx 10 cm in length and have a larger eye. These nalbindning needles are better for use with thicker weight yarns such as Aran or Chunky wools.