Reindeer Leather Purses

Reindeer Leather Recycling

I make these reindeer leather pouches and purses using small textile scraps of reindeer leather, because reindeer leather is hard to obtain. The Saami raise reindeer herds mostly for their own use. They use every part of the animal, for food, for clothing, for tools and other items. Only a small portion of reindeer leather is sold to the general public. Nothing is wasted.

Pewter or Tin thread was known as the poor man’s silver. The Saami would melt down pewter or tin plates and spin the metal into a fine thread which they used to make jewellery and decorate their clothing and other items.

The bags and purses are all hand made. The bags are decorated with pewter thread that is hand stitched onto the leather or onto wool vadmal fabric. I use traditional Saami rock are symbols for most of the designs.

Reindeer Leather Pouch - Spiral
Reindeer Leather Pouch – Spiral

Reindeer Leather Coin Pouch
Reindeer Leather Coin Pouch

Saami Reindeer Leather Coin Purse - Saami Sun
Saami Reindeer Leather Coin Purse – Saami Sun

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