Saami Band Weaving Supplies

Paivatar Yarn on Etsy
You may now purchase the Beaivi style of double hole rigid heddles and other band weaving supplies through my PaivatarYarn Etsy shop.
The Beaivi heddles were designed for me by Stoorstalka, based on a museum photo that I found online.

Saami 2 Hole Rigid Heddle
Saami 2 Hole Rigid Heddle

Beaivi 2 Hole Band Weaving Heddle

Beaivi 2 Hole Sami Heddle
Beaivi 2 Hole Sami Heddle

Inkle/Band Weaving Shuttles

Pine Wood Weaving Shuttle
Pine Wood Weaving Shuttle

Band Weaving Yarns
I have had a bit of a difficult time trying to source yarns that are suitable for Sami style band weaving. So I decided to dye some of my own. The yarn is sourced locally in the UK and is spun from British Blue Faced Leicester wool which has a long staple and a natural sheen to the yarn.

Hand Dyed Saami Band Weaving Yarn

Hand Dyed Sami Band Weaving Yarn
Hand Dyed Sami Band Weaving Yarn

Traditionally, the background weave on Sami style belts and bands was a natural cotton or wool yarn.
Natural Cotton Band Weaving Yarn

4 Ply Natural Cotton Yarn
4 Ply Natural Cotton Yarn

Natural Wool Band Weaving Yarn

4 Ply Natural Wool Yarn
4 Ply Natural Wool Yarn

Tablet Weaving Card Sets

I have designed some new tablet weaving cards that are made of durable plastic, because I didn’t like to use the matt board ones. I found that they tended to wear out rather quickly.
I designed these cards to be made of plastic so that they would be able to withstand the friction that is placed on the tablets during weaving. The edges are smooth and the cards turn easily.
The plastic tablets are not mass produced. but are made locally by skilled craftsmen.

The Paivatar tablet cards come in 4 colours: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green

One face of the card has a logo, the other side is blank. The multiple colours allow you to use different colours if you are turning groups of cards in different directions. The cards are not numbered, but you can easily write numbers or letters on them with a permanent marker to help you keep track while weaving. Be sure to let the ink dry before using the tablets.

The cards are slightly smaller than the standard tablet weaving cards that are on the market (60 mm square) Because the cards are thin and slightly smaller in size than other tablet weaving cards, I find it easy to hold several in my hand – and I have fairly small hands. The thinner size is also better when working with fine yarns as it allows the warp yarns to be sett closer together, much as in weaving with a fine dent reed.

The holes in the cards are also slightly smaller than the standard cards. This helps to keep the warp threads in alignment while weaving, as there is less play in the warp.

You may now purchase the Paivatar Tablet weaving cards and other weaving supplies directly from my Web Shop or visit my PaivatarYarn Shop on Etsy.

Paivatar Tablet Weaving Cards

The tablet weaving cards are sold in sets of 40 cards
10 of each colour: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue

Inkle/Band Weaving Shuttles

Tablet Woven Bands

Another style of band that I weave are woven using tablets or cards. The tablets usually have 3-6 holes and the warp yarn is threaded through. Complex patterns can be woven by twisting or turning the cards in different directions. The end of the warp can be tied to a post, a table leg, and is woven backstrap style. The warp can also be wound onto a small loom that helps control the tension while weaving.
Narrow bands using tablets has been woven in Karelia and Finland since the early Iron Age. Many of the woven belts that I weave use these traditional Karelian patterns. I use hand dyed wool that I have dyed with natural plant colours to weave these belts and sashes.
Please visit my PaivatarYarn Etsy shop to see some of the latest designs and the plant dyed tablet weaving yarns. If you would like to have a Karelian style belt made for you, please contact me regarding a special order.

Loom Woven Bands

Hand woven bands have many uses. They can be used as belts, straps for carrying bags, lanyards, guitar straps or anything that needs to be tied. A specially woven band is lovely when sewn or stitched onto a hand woven or knitted article. Coco Chanel’s signature jackets were made famous because of the unique hand woven trims.

These woven ribbons have been made using a traditional Scandinavian band loom. They can be custom ordered in any width or length or colour. The cotton bands are made with organically grown cotton, and are available in 42 colours.

Please contact me for further information or if you would like to discuss a custom order.

Or please visit my PaivatarYarn Etsy shop to shop for current samples.

Handwoven Bookmarks
When I weave bands I often have short pieces left over. I don’t like to waste what I’ve woven so I make these woven bands into bookmarks.
I trim one end of the bookmark with a small scrap of reindeer leather. The other end of the bookmark has a fringe finish.
Please check my Etsy shop for the latest handmade bookmarks.

Hand Woven Cotton Belts
The woven bands also make lovely belts. These are woven using organic cotton, and trimmed with reindeer leather.

Hand Woven Key Fob Wristlets
The hand woven bands also make great key fobs or wrist straps.
I weave many sample bands – some of these turn into key fobs.