Tablet Weaving Card Sets

I have designed some new tablet weaving cards that are made of durable plastic, because I didn’t like to use the matt board ones. I found that they tended to wear out rather quickly.
I designed these cards to be made of plastic so that they would be able to withstand the friction that is placed on the tablets during weaving. The edges are smooth and the cards turn easily.
The plastic tablets are not mass produced. but are made locally by skilled craftsmen.

The Paivatar tablet cards come in 4 colours: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green

One face of the card has a logo, the other side is blank. The multiple colours allow you to use different colours if you are turning groups of cards in different directions. The cards are not numbered, but you can easily write numbers or letters on them with a permanent marker to help you keep track while weaving. Be sure to let the ink dry before using the tablets.

The cards are slightly smaller than the standard tablet weaving cards that are on the market (60 mm square) Because the cards are thin and slightly smaller in size than other tablet weaving cards, I find it easy to hold several in my hand – and I have fairly small hands. The thinner size is also better when working with fine yarns as it allows the warp yarns to be sett closer together, much as in weaving with a fine dent reed.

The holes in the cards are also slightly smaller than the standard cards. This helps to keep the warp threads in alignment while weaving, as there is less play in the warp.

Paivatar Tablet Weaving Cards
Paivatar Tablet Weaving Cards

Paivatar Tablet Weaving Cards
The weaving cards are sold in sets of 40 cards
10 of each colour: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue

If you would like to order a larger quantity, please contact me.

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Spin Flora Fibres – Web Shop

In addition to my shops on Etsy and Folksy, some of my products can now be purchased directly through my Web Shop. Please check again soon as I add products to my inventory.
As this Web Shop is new, altough I have tested it, there may still be a few bugs. Please let me know if you have any problems.

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Spin Flora Natural Plant Fibres
Spin Flora Natural Plant Fibres

Spin Flora fibres are a selection of cellulose plant fibres that provide an alternative choice to traditional animal fibres such as wool or silk. Cellulose fibres can be hand spun into yarn, or used in feltmaking. Spin Flora plant fibres can be dyed with natural plant dyes or other direct dyes suitable for cotton and cellulose fibres.

Spin Flora fibres are packaged in 100 gram organza mesh bags, that can be recycled and re-used.
If you would like to order a larger quantity, please contact me regarding a special order.


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Spin Flora Starter Pack

Spin Flora Starter Pack
Spin Flora Starter Pack

For those who aren’t familiar with cellulose fibres, this is a starter pack of 11 different Flora fibres. The starter pack contains 20 grams of each Flora fibre.

Quantity: 11 x 20 grams each
Natural unbleached flax fibre
Soyabean top
Bamboo top
Soyabean staple fibre
Natural bamboo staple
Banana top
Seacell cellulose top
Rose fibre top
Natural hemp top
Ramie top
Bleached flax top

The Spin Flora fibre is packaged in small organza mesh bags that allow the fibre to breathe. The bag can also be re-used.

Price: £15.00

Cost GBP Shipping Location Shipping Cost Total Cost GBP Paypal Buy Now
Starter Pack £15.00 UK £3.50 £18.50
Starter Pack £15.00 EU £4.50 £19.50
Starter Pack £15.00 Elsewhere £6.00 £21.00

More Spin Flora Plant Fibres can now be found at my new Spin Flora website.