Embroidery Yarns

Hand Dyed Embroidery and Knitting Yarns

Crewel, tapestry embroidery and knitting wool dyed in rainbow colours. All of the yarns are hand dyed using environmentally friendly low impact dyes. Just ordinary household vinegar is used to set the colour of the dyes.

I love to work with wool and with dyes to create new shades of colour. I love the magic of the dyepot. These crewel work yarns are the results of my experiments. Each set of colours is unique yet harmonious with each other. Not to be repeated. I hope that you will enjoy creating something new with the yarns as much as I have enjoyed making them.

Hand dyed yarns take up dye at different rates, so may have some colour variation throughout the skein, creating a unique look to the yarn.

I am happy to say that after a long while, I have found a good source for yarns that are suitable for dyeing.
The Rainbow Pack Yarns will now come in a variety of weights, and wools. These will be available for purchase through my shop on Etsy.
If there is a particular colour range that you would like, please contact me regarding a custom order.

Rainbow Pack Hand Dyed Crewel Embroidery Wool – 30 OOAK Hand Dyed Colours

Rainbow Pack Hand Dyed Embroidery Wool
Rainbow Pack Hand Dyed Embroidery Wool

Cobweb Lace Weight – Crewel Embroidery
100% Blue Faced Leicester Wool Superwash

Rainbow Cobweb Lace Yarn
Rainbow Cobweb Lace Yarn – 311

4 Ply Fingering Yarn
100% Superwash Wool

Rainbow 4 Ply Fingering
Rainbow 4 Ply Fingering Yarn – 316

DK Weight Knitting Yarn
100% Superwash Wool

Rainbow DK Knitting Yarn
Rainbow DK Knitting Yarn